Increase Your InsuranceIncrease your BlueVault insurance to $1 million or more, at very favorable rates.

  • Every BlueVault safe deposit box or vault unit comes with $5,000 coverage

  • Easily increase coverage up to $1 Mil or more at money-saving rates

  • Lower cost and better coverage than a homeowner policy

  • As little as 1/3rd of a penny per dollar per year

  • Zero deductible

  • Confidential — No documentation needed to begin

  • Covers cash, gold, jewelry, artwork, heirlooms, more

  • Coverage includes theft, fire, flood, earthquake, even terrorism

  • Insured by AXA-XL, A+ rated global insurer of high value property

  • You can’t get this from a bank or home safe


“Staff is very professional. No high-pressure sales. They had the best silver prices.”

Geoffrey W., San Diego, CA