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Insured Safe Deposit Boxes California’s only safe deposit box that
includes built-in insurance.

At BlueVault, renting a safety deposit box is fast, easy, and confidential.

$5,000 insurance included.
Increase it to $1 million and more
at discounted rates.

Easy to start. No bank account needed.

Swiss Vault service and privacy.

Small to X-large sizes up to 6 feet tall.

From $15.99 per month.

Learn more about our built-in insurance  

Safe Deposit Box Certifcation

A leading global insurer of high value property, including the art of the Vatican.

Safe Deposit Box Insurance

A specialized insurance offering by SDBIC Insurance Services LLC Patent No. 8.457,993

Reserve your insured safe deposit box or find out more.

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Rent an Insured Safe Deposit Box at BlueVault

Get maximum security, convenience, and privacy for your valuables. Small, medium and large safe deposit boxes are available, complete with built-in all-risk insurance, in an ultra-secure, high-tech vault.

BlueVault meets rigorous security standards and has achieved a UL security rating that exceeds most banks. Our security system is designed by Diebold, the people who protect global financial institutions and the Hope Diamond. And 24/7/365 security monitoring is by Siemens, the folks who guard nuclear power plants.

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Available Sizes & Rates  
Height   Width   Depth Per Month
2'' x 5'' x 24'' $15.99
3'' x 10'' x 24'' $26.99
10'' x 10'' x 24'' $39.99
10'' x 18'' x 24'' $59.99
18'' x 18'' x 24'' $99.99
24'' x 24'' x 24'' $139.99
36'' x 18'' x 24'' $149.88
36'' x 24'' x 24'' $195.99
Click here to see larger sizes

Learn more about our built-in safe deposit box insurance  

Enjoy convenient parking and swift access. Our professional staff is at your immediate service. There's no safer or more confidential place for your valuables.

It's easy to start. BlueVault is not part of the banking system, and no bank account is necessary. Call, email, or stop by BlueVault.

High Security
System Design

24/7/365 Security
System Monitoring

High Value
Property Insurance

Contingency Security
Response Team

Armored Transport
for High Value Property

Better Business Bureau Highest Rating

Insurance Industry
Security Certification

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