Gold Shines Amid Market Turmoil


Reuters (Video): Negative interest rates, financial turmoil and a weaker dollar are drawing investors back into gold. Can the yellow metal’s return to favor last? Joel Flynn reports.

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California Residents Prepare for El Nino

With predictions for the strongest El Niño on record, California residents are asking how to ready their families and properties.  The City of Santa Cruz is offering its residents some tips. One precaution is to keep valuables secured and insured against flood, mudslides, and all other risks. BlueVault San Diego is one of the best places to do this.




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APD offers up home security tips after slew of break-ins

So now it’s offering a free service for homeowners when it comes to home security.

Watch Video at:

Action 7 News went along with Crime Prevention Specialist Jill Garcia to one home to learn some tips homeowners can use. She started on the outside of a northeast Albuquerque house.

Protect Your Valuables

Garcia pointed at a home security sticker on the front window.

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What’s The Easiest Gold And Silver Bullion To Sell In The U.S.?

1-ounce-gold-and-silver-american-ealge-bullion-coinsSome of us own gold and silver as a sober hedge for our investment portfolios. And some of us are “stackers” who love to build our own little hoard of bullion. But for most of us the whole point of buying precious metals is so we can one day sell or trade them if necessary. So regardless of your agenda, the important thing is to have bullion that’s widely recognizable.

So what’s the most widely recognized bullion?

Government and private mints all over the world produce high-quality coins and bars, but if you live in the U.S. you should probably buy some 1 ounce Gold and Silver American Eagles. They’re minted by the U.S. government, they’re official legal tender, and they’re the most popular and widely traded bullion coins here in America.

And they’re nice to look at too. They have Lady Liberty on one side and the American Eagle on the other. Out of all the bullion coins, these are some of the most beautiful ones around.

Oh, and they’re really easy to authenticate. So you won’t be haggling with anyone about whether they’re real or not. And you certainly won’t have to haggle with us at BlueVault. We buy and sell at some of the best prices around.

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Does the Purity of Gold Bullion Matter?

When you fork over a bunch of money for gold bullion, what are you actually getting? Is it pure gold? We get that purity-of-gold-bullion-coins-barsquestion a lot at BlueVault, but in my opinion investors should really be asking “Does purity matter?”

When you buy a “1 ounce” Gold Swiss PAMP bar, Gold American Eagle, or a Gold Krugerrand, you get exactly one troy ounce of gold. That doesn’t mean each one is made of pure gold. In fact, there are no truly pure gold bullion options. The closest you’ll get is the PAMP bar, which is .9999 fine gold, or the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, which is about the same purity.

But gold is incredibly soft, so the purer the bullion the easier it is to scratch or damage, decreasing its resale value. That’s why mints will add small amounts of alloys, or “hardeners,” like copper and silver to create a more durable product like the American Eagle. With the addition of alloys a “1 ounce” coin or bar will actually weigh slightly more than one troy ounce – but it will always contain exactly one troy ounce of real gold.

Now some folks for various reasons really do want the purest gold they can get, in which case I recommend PAMP bars. They come in tough, tamper-evident packaging that prevents scratching.

But in most cases, investors don’t need to worry about the exact purity of their bullion as long as it comes from well-known, respected mints. The goal is to buy bullion you can easily trade or sell, and a .996 coin versus a .999 coin isn’t what makes a difference in price. An ounce of gold is an ounce of gold, no matter what’s been added to it.

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Silver Bullion Demand High – Price Falls and Premiums Surge

Silver is an investment that has been getting many people’s attention lately.  It would be a good time to Time to Invest in Silvercheck into silver to add to your portfolio at BlueVault in San Diego.

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“Silver imports into U.S. surge 33%
– Silver Eagle demand very robust
– Silver Eagles and Maples see 25% surge in premiums and shortages
– Silver price falls over 3.8% on same day as U.S. Mint runs out of silver eagles
– Total ETF Silver holdings remain robust – over 500 million ounces
– Increase in demand seems to becoming from large entities buying bars
– Silver is great value sub $20 per ounce

Demand for silver has been surging this year as seen in U.S. silver imports, while silver eagles coin sales and silver ETF holdings remain robust. Despite this, silver has again under performed other assets and has seen price falls again this year to multi year lows at $15 per ounce.”

Why Is Insuring Jewelry At Home So Expensive?

storing-and-insuring-jewelry-and-valuables-inexpensivelyMost women own at least a few pieces of expensive jewelry they’ve received from their spouse or that have been passed down through the family. Unfortunately, unless you own a crystal ball, there’s no way to be sure these pieces will never come to harm. The best you can do is insure them so you can at least replace them if they’re ever lost, stolen, or damaged.

By now you may have discovered that homeowner insurance policies are extremely lacking in personal item coverage. They may offer protection up to $2,000, but many women have jewelry far exceeding this amount in value. Your next option is to purchase a rider policy that provides increased coverage, but this can be surprisingly expensive. And there’s a reason. Insurers know that valuables kept at home are at risk, even if they’re locked up in a safe. Thieves love going after jewelry, because it’s easy to pocket and easy to sell. Not even a heavy, bolted-down safe will stop an experienced criminal. And if you’re at home when they find it, they won’t take “I don’t know the combination” for an answer.

At BlueVault, we offer high-security safe deposit box rentals that come with $5,000 of built-in insurance – something you can’t get at a bank. And you can easily increase that to $1 million or more for 75% less than a homeowner’s rider. This all-risk insurance covers just about any event you can think of: theft, fire, flood, earthquake, and more. And no documentation is needed to start. It’s the most affordable way to insure your most precious belongings.

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Are Silver Rounds Worth the Investment?

private-mint-1oz-silver-rounds-from-apmex-opm-sunshineI get a lot of questions about silver rounds. What are they? Why do they cost less than other silver bullion coins? Are they a good investment? The answer, of course, depends on your goals.

Popular silver bullion coins like American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs contain 1 troy ounce of silver. They’re minted by their respective governments and are officially legal tender in those countries (although their silver content is worth far more than their face value). They’re highly recognizable, which is why they’re almost always more expensive than silver rounds.

Silver rounds are in the same class (called “bullion”) but they’re produced by privately-owned mints. And unlike Eagles and Maples they’re called “Rounds” instead of “Coins.” They lack legal tender status and they may be less recognizable to some, but that means you pay less for the same 1 troy ounce of silver.

Are silver rounds a smart investment for you? If your primary focus is simply to buy as much silver as possible for the least amount of money, then silver rounds are your best bet. And if you’re worried about their recognizability and legitimacy, most private mints are respected companies listed on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. They include Sunshine, APMEX, and OPM.

Don’t worry, silver is silver and you won’t have trouble selling your rounds back to a legitimate bullion dealer for a fair price. To learn more about silver bullion options, including private mint rounds, contact BlueVault today.

Why It’s Important to Keep Cash Handy

storing-and-insuring-cash-safely-in-safe-deposit-boxesIf you live in the United States, it’s easy to look around and assume that the ATM will always gladly give you all the cash in your account. However, the recent example in Greece when banks across the entire country closed and citizens were only allowed to withdraw 60 Euros a day (roughly $68 US) shows that it could happen anywhere. Our own country’s history includes multiple examples (most notably the Great Depression) of large numbers of banks failing.

The chances of a massive bank failure or a cyberattack that disrupts banking activity is low, but if it does happen, it could cause a significant amount of chaos, especially for those who are unprepared. For this reason, it is a good idea to keep at least some cash handy so that you can keep yourself and your family safe through difficult times.

Keeping cash in your home can put you at risk for thieves, and home safes actually make you a target! If you need a place to store your cash, many banks will not allow you to use their safe deposit boxes. Instead, consider BlueVault. We provide a variety of safety deposit boxes at competitive prices. Every safe deposit box is secured in our state-of-the-art vault, and comes with $5,000 of insurance included which covers cash. And you can easily increase that to $1 million or more at special low rates.

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What Makes You Susceptible To Identity Theft?

Keep your documents safeUnderstanding what makes you susceptible to identity theft will make your life more secure as well as keeping your valuables in a safe secure vault system.

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Earning $100,000 or more a year increases your risk by 51%, and having a four-year college degree leads to a 44% increase.

Students and members of the military are particularly at risk for new account fraud — meaning that thieves will open up accounts in their names, without their knowledge.

Students were 45% more likely to experience this type of fraud, and military personnel had 28% more money stolen on average than civilians.

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