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Insured Safe Deposit & Vault Storage Every BlueVault unit includes $5,000 of all-risk insurance.
Need more? Save up to 75% over homeowner policy rates.

Unlike banks, every BlueVault safety deposit and vault storage unit includes insurance.

$5,000 all-risk coverage built-in.

Easily increase it to $1 million or more at very low rates.

Covers cash, gold, gems, art and more.

Confidential, No forms to fill out.

Learn more about our built-in, all-risk safe deposit vault insurance:

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You can't get this from a bank or home safe!

Every BlueVault safe deposit box and vault storage unit includes $5,000 of built-in, “industrial strength,” all-risk insurance covering fire, theft, flood, earthquake, and much more. Increase it to $1 million at up to 75% less than homeowners insurance rates. Covers cash, gold, silver, gems, art, collectibles, important documents, and much more.


Get lower premiums and better coverage compared to a homeowner policy rider

Safe Deposit Box Certifcation

A leading global insurer of high value property, including the art of the Vatican.

Safe Deposit Box Insurance

A specialized insurance offering by SDBIC Insurance Services LLC Patent No. 8.457,993

Sleep Better With Maximum Security And Insurance

BlueVault is the only place you get safe deposit and vault storage units with insurance included. Banks don't insure their safe deposit boxes, and neither does the FDIC. But every BlueVault unit includes $5,000 of all-risk insurance at no cost to you, which you can easily increase to $1 million or more for substantially less than a homeowners policy rider – as low as 1/3 of a penny per year per dollar of coverage.

It's easy. There are no forms to fill out when you opt for increased coverage. And it's confidential. The starting level for this insurance does not require appraisals, receipts, or declarations of your property.

The security system at BlueVault meets or exceeds insurance company standards and achieves a UL security rating that exceeds most banks. So you know your valuables aren't going anywhere. But even if they did, you're covered. Our extreme security combined with all-risk insurance gives you double protection – like wearing both a belt and suspenders.

If Your Valuables Are Worth Protecting

Insurance underwriters know that a home isn't the safest place to keep valuables. And home safes make you a target for criminals. That's why insurers charge so much for home coverage. And there are usually strict limits to what they'll cover.

Because of our extreme security, insuring your valuables at BlueVault is much less expensive than buying a homeowners policy rider. Up to 75% less! Our underwriter, AXA, is a leading global insurer of museums, collections, and high value property. And our all-risk policy covers just about anything you can imagine.

What Events Are Covered?

At BlueVault, your valuables are insured against natural and man-made disasters that include

Burglary Flood Tornado Explosion
FireTsunamiLandslide Looting
WildfireHurricane SinkholeTerrorist Attack

What Items Are Covered?

At BlueVault your deductible is zero. No disclosure of your valuables is necessary to open an account. Covered items include

CashJewelry SecuritiesHeirlooms
CurrencyDiamonds Rare Books Firearms
Coins GemsCollectiblesGold Certificates
Gold/SilverBank NotesFine Art Historical Documents
BullionBondsAntiquesSports Memorabilia

With a BlueVault insured safe deposit box you can safeguard your treasure without spending a small fortune. Contact us to reserve now or learn more about insured safe deposit boxes.