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Insured Private Vault Storage – San DiegoA private vault that protects your valuables and your privacy? It’s like a Swiss vault in San Diego!

Get confidentiality, built-in insurance,
and ultra secure storage at BlueVault

$5,000 coverage built in. Increase up to $1 million or more at very low rates!

Small to X-Large vault units!

High-tech climate controlled bank vault!

Secure and confidential!

Diebold-designed security!

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Insured Vault Storage Units


Private Vault Secure Storage Girls at BlueVault San Diego

More available sizes than pictured here. See chart.

Protect Your Valuables and Identity
BlueVault is like a Fort Knox for the public. Our seismically-engineered, climate-controlled vault is surrounded by layers of sensitive electronic security. We do not require your Social Security number, and our registration system keeps your identity confidential. In addition, every BlueVault storage unit includes $5,000 of all-risk insurance built-in. And you can easily increase that to $1 million or more at extremely low rates. No declarations, appraisals, or reciepts are necessary to start coverage. BlueVault is designed to provide the highest levels of privacy and protection for your valuables against theft, fire, earthquake, snooping, damage, tampering, and seizure.

Starting at $16 per month, our vault units come in a range of sizes, from ones just right for cash, jewelry, and documents, to ones big enough to hold a 6-foot statue. Our all-risk insurance coverage is provided by AXA, a leading global insurer of high value property. And your valuables are protected around the clock with a security system designed by Diebold – guardians of the Pentagon and the Hope Diamond.

Get Maximum Security
At BlueVault, you get the highest security available to the public. Our high-tech security is certified by Underwriters’ Laboratories at a rating that exceeds most banks. Our vault exceeds Department of Defense and U.S. Bank Act standards. Our systems, designed by leading security professionals, are closely monitored 24/7/365 by Seimens. Our security extends beyond the hardened perimeter of our facility, and visitors are authenticated using biometric technology. You get the security you can‘t get with a home safe (which is vulnerable to professional thieves, or your forced compliance during an invasion). Every customer gets a brand-new lock and the only set of keys to their unit.

Get Privacy and Confidentiality
Where you keep your valuables should be no one’s business but your own. Like a Swiss vault, your privacy is our main priority. You don’t have to open a bank account which would require your Social Security number. And any contact information you choose to share is kept strictly confidential. Our biometric authentication system keeps your identity from being falsified by anyone else. We have secure rooms in which you can transfer your valuables with complete privacy. Our entire ultra-secure environment was designed for protecting you and your property against snoops, tampering, and seizure.

Vault Storage Units up to 6ft Tall
BlueVault’s insured storage units come in small sizes for things like jewelry, cash, and documents, all the way up to ones that will hold a 6-foot statue. And unlike the scarce inventory at banks, they’re available immediately. Our large units contain adjustable shelves and can be configured for your needs. And moving to another size is easy if your needs change. If you’re a traveler or spend time away from home, we’ll let you use one of our larger units at no extra charge for up to 2 weeks per year. (Certain conditions apply.)

Get Easy Access and Convenience
Unlike banks, vault safe deposit boxes are our primary business, not an inconvenience. When you arrive you get fast, polite service and immediate access to your box. BlueVault is centrally located in Mission Valley at the crossroads of San Diego County with easy on-and-off access to the 163. You’ll find free parking just steps from our door. We’re open during normal business hours, and we’re happy to arrange for your after-hours access when needed.

Buy Gold & Silver Bullion
At BlueVault we sell investment-grade precious metals bullion over the counter to the general public. You can buy gold and buy silver coins and bars right at our bullion counter. Your take possession of your purchase immediately. Our prices are among the lowest anywhere, our transactions are simple and straightforward, beginners are welcome, and our helpful staff can assist you with any questions. BlueVault is California’s only approved depository for Gold IRAs. Insured gold storage is also available.

Come in for a Tour
Don’t wait. Banks don’t protect your privacy and they don’t insure your valuables. And home safes aren’t safe. If you want to protect your valuables, they shouldn’t be in your home or office. If you insurance protection and confidentiality, get your valuables out of the bank. Call us today, or visit us. We’ll give you a special discount on a secure safety deposit box. Long-term commitments are not required and you can cancel any time.

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Available Sizes and Rates

Height   Width   Depth Per Month
2'' x 5'' x 24'' $15.99
3'' x 10'' x 24'' $26.99
10'' x 10'' x 24'' $39.99
10'' x 18'' x 24'' $59.99
18'' x 18'' x 24'' $99.99
24'' x 24'' x 24'' $139.99
36'' x 18'' x 24'' $149.99
36'' x 24'' x 24'' $195.99
36'' x 48'' x 24'' $295.99
72'' x 24'' x 24'' $295.99
Larger sizes available
  • Pay for 11 months, get 12th month FREE
  • Storage customers get “Vault Club” special discounts on Gold & Silver
  • Going away? Free use of a larger unit 2 weeks per year
  • 25% Military Discount on storage

Our high-security, private vault protects your valuables, large and small, like nowhere else, not even your own safe. At BlueVault your identity is kept strictly confidential, and no ID is required. Security is provided 24/7/365 by Seimens, the guardian of nuclear facilities. Our insurer is AXA, a leading global underwriter of high value property. Visit us or call, and find out about our current specials.

Our 90-ton Class 1 vault contains secure storage units ranging in size from small, for things like cash, jewelry, and documents, to ones that can hold a 6-foot statue. Our larger units contain heavy-gage adjustable shelves that can be configured to suit your needs. Ask for details about our vacation special that let’s you use a larger unit free to get valuables out of the house while you’re away.

Buy Gold & Silver Coins & Bars at BlueVault.

Buying "Bullion" is the safest, most efficient, most convenient way to own investment-grade gold and silver. BlueVault’s precious metals window sells the most recognized and accepted products over the counter. You won’t have to order by mail, worry and wait for weeks, and pay shipping. Visit or call to speak with our helpful staff. Beginners are welcome.

San Diego’s Only Approved IRA Vault

BlueVault is the only approved depository in San Diego for self-directed precious metals IRAs. Until now, Gold IRA investors were required to have their assets shipped to a distant depository. Now you can invest your retirement funds in a Gold IRA and keep it right here in San Diego, wrapped in a multi-layered UL-Certified security system and insured by Lloyd’s of London. You can also visit your gold and silver in person. Learn more.