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About BlueVault San Diego

The highest security and privacy available, for protecting your valuables and keeping them confidential.

Keep your valuables secured and insured in a Swiss-style private vault

Buy gold and silver bullion bars and coins

Use your IRA to buy gold and silver

Like a Fort Knox for the public, BlueVault is the center for anything valuable or important. Whether you’re storing personal or business property, buying or selling precious metals, or investing in a Gold IRA, there’s nothing like BlueVault anywhere.

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Ultra Secure Storage with Built-In Insurance

It all starts with the big blue vault: a 90-tons of seismically engineered, blast-proof bunker made from a high-tech mixture of concrete and stainless steel fibers. It’s UL-rated to withstand impact, drilling, earthquake, and a 3,000-degree acetylene torch. It exceeds the security standards of the Department of Defense. The building around it could be destroyed but the vault would remain standing.

The entire facility is hardened starting from the outside in, and is wrapped in multiple layers of electronic security designed and monitored 24/7/365 by Diebold – the folks who protect the Pentagon and the Hope Diamond. It achieves a protection rating equal or exceeding those in commercial banks.

Within the big blue vault are personal-size safe deposit boxes and secure storage units up to 6 feet tall. And whether you choose a small unit for jewelry and documents — or a big unit for a six-foot marble statue — all units have brand new locks and you get the only keys.

Our on-site staff includes trained security professionals who are screened and vetted. And all our employees are bonded.

BlueVault is one of the safest places available to protect your valuables, but we’re also in the business of protecting your privacy. We do not require your Social Security number, and we keep your identity strictly confidential.

ultra secure

Gold & Silver Bars & Coins

The Precious Metals Window at BlueVault makes buying and selling bullion easy. We carry only the most popular gold and silver coins and bars, like American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, and Swiss PAMP Bars.

Unlike some national, internet-based bullion sellers, we won’t steer you into off-brand, “rare”, or higher premium items. We stick to the most cost-efficient products for you. We focus on the basics and keep our prices low.

And at BlueVault, you can take immediate possession of your purchase, over the counter, in person. There are no minimums. You won’t have worry and wait for your gold or silver to arrive by mail. And you avoid shipping charges.

BlueVault is one of the most trusted gold and silver coin dealers in San Diego County, and Southern California. You get straight, knowledgable answers to all your questions. And you get simple, understandable transactions.

It’s a safe, secure, comfortable way to buy bullion. It’s confidential: No ID is required. And you can choose to store your bullion right inside your BlueVault storage unit, monitored 24/7/365 by Diebold.


BlueVault protects your valuables against theft, fire, earthquake, snoops, and seizure.

Our ultra-secure, private vault protects your valuables, large and small, like nothing else, not even your own private safe. Unlike banks, your identity is kept strictly confidential; no Social Security number is required.

BlueVault sells, and buys, the most popular gold and silver bullion bars and coins.

Buying gold and silver “Bullion” is the safest, most cost-effective, most convenient way to own investment-grade precious metals. BlueVault sells the most recognized, accepted, and tradable bullion products.