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A High-Tech Vault for San Diego

ABC 10 News Special Report Video on BlueVault.

ABC News

A High-Tech Vault for San Diego.

ABC 10 News | 04/12/2013
Joe Little
Joe Little

SPECIAL REPORT - San Diego is now home to BlueVault, a high-end bank vault storage facility. BlueVault opened late last year and and is the first of its kind in San Diego.

“This is a UL-rated, class one bank vault,” said BlueVault Security Manager David Johnson. “That means it exceeds the Department of Defense and U.S. Bank Act standards.”

Located in an unassuming Mission Valley strip center next to a Jamba Juice, BlueVault contains a big blue 90-ton security vault built with 61 panels made from highly compressed concrete and stainless steel fibers.

The only way in is through a 4,500-pound stainless steel vault door Johnson jokingly says only an asteroid could get through. He also told 10News the vault can withstand fire, explosives, and earthquakes.

“So if the entire building comes down around the vault, the vault’s going to be fine. You’re going to dig it out of the rubble,” he told 10News.

Everywhere you turn in BlueVault you see electronic security devices, which Johnson wouldn’t talk about. “Let’s just say we’re completely wired from the outside in.”

Just getting into BlueVault’s lobby requires passing through four levels of security, including a palm scanner.

Johnson said their Fujitsu palm scanner, designed by Israelis, “reads the blood vessels inside your hand.”

However, the high-end security is not reserved for high-end clients. Safety deposit boxes begin at only $15 a month.

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